BEST 8 Chatbot Software for Small Businesses in 2024: Features, Prices, and Reviews

Are you running a small business or a startup and constantly seeking innovative solutions to enhance customer experience and streamline operations?

If so, you’re in the right place!

Did you know that based on our recent Glassix study websites that uses chatbots see 23% higher conversion rates and resolve issues 18% faster with 71% success rate!?

Yup, these are real numbers gathered from our customers.

See, among the plethora of technological advancements, chatbots have emerged as a game-changer for businesses looking to automate customer service and support, engage with their audience more effectively, and drive overall efficiency.

And that’s exactly why I decided to come up with this comprehensive guide, it is designed to walk you through everything you need to know about leveraging chatbot software and technology for your small business in 2024. From understanding the basics of chatbot functionality to selecting the perfect chatbot that aligns with your business needs, It’s all in here, and more!

Best chatbots for small businesses and startups

Here's what we'll cover:

  • What is a chatbot? Understanding the basics of chatbot technology and its importance for small businesses.

  • Tips on how to choose the right chatbot for your business, ensuring it meets your customer service and operational needs.

  • The best 8 chatbots software for small businesses in 2024, including a detailed look at their features, pricing, and how they can enhance your customer experience and automation capabilities.

  • Insights on how chatbots can help small businesses thrive by providing examples of common use cases and addressing the most pressing challenges faced by small enterprises today.
  • And finally, we'll wrap up with a summary of key takeaways and final thoughts on the future of chatbots in the small business sector.

Excited as I am to explore how chatbots can transform your small business in 2024, making it more agile, customer-focused, and innovative? Let’s get started!

I think it’s prominent if we get started with one of the most pressing questions out there: What is a chatbot?

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a software application designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially over the Internet. It uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing technologies and algorithms to understand user requests and provide relevant responses. Chatbots can perform a wide range of tasks, from answering frequently asked questions to facilitating transactions and bookings, making them invaluable tools for businesses of all sizes. For small businesses, chatbots offer a cost-effective way to enhance customer service and engagement without the need for a large customer support team.

7 Golden tips on how to choose a chatbot for your business

  1. Identify your needs: First and foremost you must determine what you want the chatbot to achieve for your business. Whether it's handling customer inquiries, booking appointments, answering frequently asked questions or providing product recommendations, your needs will guide your choice.
  1. Consider integration capabilities: Look for chatbots software that can easily integrate with your existing tech stack, such as CRM platforms, e-commerce systems, and social media channels.
  1. AI and learning capabilities: The best chatbots for small businesses are those that can learn from interactions and improve over time. You must check if the chatbot uses machine learning to refine its responses and interactions. Or even better if it is integrated with the latest GPT-4 engine by Open AI allowing you to craft generative AI chatbots. 
  1. Customization options: You should choose a chatbot that allows you to customize the conversation flow and responses to align with your brand voice and customer service objectives.
  1. Scalability is EVERYTHING for your small business: Your chosen chatbot should be able to scale as your business grows, handling an increasing number of inquiries without a drop in performance. And more importantly, you should look into pricing per successful resolution as many vendors in this space charge you for each ticket and resolution resolved by the chatbot making you spend more than you can afford.
  1. Pricing structures: You should fully understand the pricing model to ensure it fits your budget. Some chatbots offer pay-as-you-go pricing, while others may have monthly or yearly subscription fees. Top tip I can give you is that you must look at how much of at all you are being charged for every successful resolution!
  1. Reviews and case studies: Look for feedback from other small businesses that have used the chatbot. This can provide insights into the software's effectiveness and customer support quality. Also browsing reputable comparison websites the likes of G2, Capterra, and Trustpilot tto name a few can give you a clear indication of whom you’re doing business with.

I profoundly believe that by following these tips, small businesses can select a chatbot that fully supports their growth and enhances customer experience while growing their revenues.

Best 8 chatbots for small businesses in 2024: Selection criteria and list

In 2024, the landscape of chatbot software technology continues to evolve, offering small businesses innovative solutions to enhance customer experience and streamline operations. Selecting the best chatbot for your small business involves understanding what makes each option stand out. Our list of the best 8 chatbots for small businesses is curated based on several critical factors, ensuring that these solutions are perfectly tailored to the needs of small enterprises looking to up their CX and automation game.

How We Made Our Selection?

Our selection criteria for the best chatbots for small businesses in 2024 include:

  • AI and learning capabilities: The ability of a chatbot to learn from interactions and improve its responses over time is crucial for providing personalized customer experiences.
  • Integration capabilities: The best chatbots must seamlessly integrate with existing tech stack, such as CRM software, e-commerce platforms, and social media channels.

  • Customization and scalability: We looked for chatbots that offer extensive customization options and can scale with your business as it grows.

  • Pricing and real value for money: The cost of the chatbot software relative to its features and the value it brings to small businesses was a significant factor in our evaluation.
  • User reviews and satisfaction: Feedback from current users and case studies showcasing the chatbot's impact on small businesses were essential for our assessment.

The best 8 chatbots for small businesses in 2024:

  1. Glassix: Considered by many as the best AI chatbot for small business and startups offers advanced AI capabilities and seamless integration with multiple communication channels while blending Conversational AI and GPT-4 engine capabilities putting your business at the forefront of technology.

  2. Giosg: Combines real-time visitor analysis with interactive chatbot features to drive engagement and conversions.

  3. Kustomer: An omnichannel customer service platform that features AI-powered chatbots for personalized customer support.

  4. Tidio: Known for its ease of use and powerful automation features, making it ideal for small businesses looking to automate customer interactions.

  5. Intercom: Provides a robust messaging platform with chatbot functionality designed to improve customer engagement and support.

  6. Kommunicate: A cost-effective chatbot solution that offers customizable bots and automation workflows to enhance customer service.

  7. Drift: Specializes in conversational marketing and sales chatbots that help businesses increase leads and close sales faster.

  8. HubSpot: Features an easy-to-use chatbot builder integrated within its free CRM, ideal for inbound marketing and customer service.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself, why this list of the best chatbots is perfectly tailored for small businesses?

See, each chatbot on our list has been selected for its ability to meet the unique challenges and needs of small businesses. Whether it's enhancing customer experience, increasing efficiency, providing cost-effective support solutions, increasing revenue, or just get more sh*t done with small resources, these chatbots offer a range of features and benefits designed to help small enterprises thrive in a rapid and competitive digital world.

Now, let’s get started with our detailed list of the 8 best chatbots for small businesses in 2024!

#1 Glassix

Topping our list is Glassix. Glassix emerges as a standout AI chatbot platform, distinguished by its advanced use of conversational AI powered by the GPT-4 engine. The platform is crafted for teams eager to excel in customer support and experience, offering an easy to use drag and drop visual chatbot builder. From WhatsApp and Apple Messages for Business to social media, email, and SMS, the Glassix AI chatbot ensures that every message is answered captured in a single, streamlined hub. Its user-friendly drag-and-drop chatbot flow builder and pre-designed templates simplify the creation of smart, efficient automation flows, enabling the deployment of chatbots across any channel effortlessly.

Glassix generative AI chatbot - A top choice for small businesses and startups

Why Glassix stands apart?

Glassix's unique proposition lies in its comprehensive chatbot AI features and omnichannel features, designed to modernize and elevate customer support and engagement. The Glassix chatbot integrates cutting-edge technology of Conversational AI coupled with GPT-4 which allow its users the ability to deploy generative AI chatbots, and setting a new standard in customer engagement solutions.

Best features

  • Conversational AI with GPT-4 integration: Enhances customer interactions with human-like responses, thanks to the latest in AI technology.

  • No-code chatbot flow builder: Allows for the easy creation and customization of chatbot flows, making automated responses quick to set up.

  • One-click chatbot deployment: Simplifies the process of launching chatbots across communication channels.

  • Automatic tagging: Streamlines support by organizing conversations efficiently.

  • Generative AI chatbots and omnichannel integration: Provides advanced bot interactions and seamless experience across all customer touch points.

  • Template-based automation and human-bot handoff: Offers pre-built solutions for common support scenarios and smooth transitions between bots and human agents.


  • Limited tutorials and documentation, particularly regarding the AI features suite.
  • The platform's advanced capabilities might present a steep learning curve for non-technical users.

Plans and pricing

  • Free trial: 30-Day free trial is available, perfect for getting started with basic features.

  • Starter plan: $49 per user/month, designed for small teams.

  • Growth plan: $65 per user/month, for growing businesses needing more advanced features.

  • Enterprise plan: Custom pricing for large teams or specialized requirements.

Glassix offers a 30-day free trial with no credit card required and discounts for annual subscriptions, making it an attractive option for businesses of all sizes.

Glassix offer the best pricing and subscription plan to meet the needs of small businesses and startups

Why Glassix is the best chatbot software for small business?

Glassix distinguishes itself with a focus on agility and autonomy, allowing users to customize and extend the platform to meet their unique needs—a flexibility not often found in traditional platforms. Its pricing model encourages growth without penalizing businesses for increasing their messaging volume, providing a truly omnichannel experience that maintains conversation history across channels without data loss. This approach positions Glassix as a versatile and future-proof choice for businesses aiming to deliver exceptional customer support and engagement.

#2 Giosg

Second on our respected list of the best chatbots for small business is Giosg, which perfectly leverages the power of real-time data and AI to offer businesses an unparalleled platform for engaging and converting visitors into customers. It stands out for its ability to analyze visitor behavior in real-time and initiate proactive interactions through its AI-driven chatbots. This platform integrates seamlessly across various communication channels, enabling businesses to offer a cohesive and personalized customer experience.

Giosg - An interactive chatbot for a complete and intuitive digital customer experience

Why Giosg stands apart?

Giosg is distinguished by its emphasis on real-time visitor analysis and the deployment of intelligent chatbot interactions. The platform's strength lies in its comprehensive suite of tools designed to enhance engagement, streamline customer support, and drive conversions. With Giosg, businesses can leverage advanced analytics to tailor customer interactions, making every engagement more meaningful and productive.

Best features

  • Real-time visitor analysis: Utilizes advanced analytics to understand visitor behavior and preferences, enabling targeted engagement.

  • AI-driven chatbots: Empowers businesses to automate interactions, providing timely and relevant responses to customer inquiries.

  • Seamless channel integration: Offers a unified customer experience across web, social media, and mobile apps, ensuring consistency in communication while using their chatbot.

  • Interactive engagement tools: Features a range of tools, including personalized pop-ups and chat invitations, to capture visitor attention and encourage action.

  • Easy customization and deployment: Allows businesses to quickly customize chatbot conversational flows and deploy them across channels without extensive technical expertise.
  • Reporting and insights: Provides detailed analytics on chatbot performance and customer interactions, helping businesses optimize their strategies.


  • The platform's wide array of features and customization options might overwhelm new users or smaller teams.

  • While Giosg offers powerful analytics, extracting and interpreting data may require a basic understanding of data analysis.

  • The pricing structure, is not clear and may be on the higher side for startups or small businesses.

Plans and pricing

  • Basic plan: Designed for small businesses, offering core features with limited customization options.

  • Professional plan: Offers advanced features and greater customization for growing businesses.

  • Enterprise plan: Provides comprehensive solutions, including full customization, dedicated support, and advanced analytics, tailored to large businesses or those with specific needs.

Giosg does not publicly list specific pricing, encouraging potential customers to contact them directly for a personalized quote based on their business needs and scale.

Giosg - You must request for pricing from their sales team

Why choose Giosg?

Giosg sets itself apart with its real-time analysis capabilities and intuitive AI chatbots, designed to engage visitors more effectively than traditional platforms. Its strength in seamlessly integrating across channels, coupled with powerful analytics and customization options, positions Giosg as a very decent choice for businesses looking to enhance their customer interaction strategy. The platform's focus on delivering tailored engagement strategies makes it a valuable tool for converting visitors into loyal customers.

#3 Kustomer

Third on our list is Kustomer. The Kustomer chatbot is a key component of the Kustomer customer service and shared inbox platform, specifically designed to enhance the support experience through intelligent, AI-powered conversations. This advanced chatbot integrates seamlessly with Kustomer's omnichannel support system, allowing businesses to automate responses, streamline service workflows, and offer personalized customer interactions across all communication channels. By leveraging AI and machine learning, the Kustomer Chatbot can understand and respond to customer inquiries in real-time, providing immediate assistance and freeing up human agents to handle more complex issues.

Meet the Kustomer FAQ AI chatbot for business

Why Kustomer chatbot stands apart?

The Kustomer chatbot is distinguished by its deep integration with the Kustomer platform's customer view, utilizing the wealth of customer data available to deliver highly personalized support experiences. Unlike standalone chatbots, it is designed to operate within the context of each customer's history and preferences, making interactions more relevant and effective. Its sophisticated AI capabilities allow it to handle a wide range of inquiries, from simple questions to more complex service requests, with the option to escalate to human agents when necessary.

Best features

  • Easy omnichannel integration: Works across email, chat, social media, and more, ensuring a consistent and efficient customer experience.

  • AI-powered responses: Utilizes machine learning to understand and respond to customer inquiries accurately, providing timely support.
  • Personalized interactions: Leverages customer data from the Kustomer platform to tailor conversations and solutions to individual needs.

  • Automated workflow integration: Can initiate service workflows, such as returns or booking appointments, directly within the conversation.

  • Smart escalation: Automatically identifies when a human agent is needed, transferring the conversation along with the context to ensure a smooth handoff.

  • Customizable chatbot flows: Offers an intuitive interface for businesses to design and deploy custom chatbot interactions that align with their service strategies.


  • Integration dependency: To fully leverage its capabilities, the Kustomer Chatbot requires integration with the broader Kustomer platform, potentially limiting its use as a standalone solution.

  • Complex setup for advanced features: While basic chatbot functions are straightforward to configure, maximizing its advanced features and customizations may require a deeper understanding of the platform.

  • Pricing start: Is comparably higher than all of its competitors making it not so ideal for startups and small businesses.

Plans and pricing

Kustomer, as mentioned might be an expensive chatbot software for small businesses and startups as it offers two main pricing subscription plans:

  • Enterprise plan: Starts at $89 per user per month
  • Ultimate plan: Starts at $139 per user per month

You will also be charged 75C per successful chatbot resolution making their price ever higher.

Kustomer pricing is not very competitive when it comes to small businesses and startups

Why choose Kustomer?

The Kustomer Chatbot's integration with a unified customer view and its ability to provide personalized, AI-powered support set it apart in the realm of chatbot solutions. By operating within the context of the Kustomer platform's extensive customer insights, it offers a level of personalization and efficiency that enhances the overall customer experience, distinguishing it from competitors that may offer more generic chatbot interactions.

#4 Tidio

In the fourth place, we have Tidio. Tidio combines powerful AI with customizable chatbot solutions designed to enhance customer engagement and automate support tasks. The Tidio platform stands out for its ease of integration and use, making it possible for businesses of all sizes to implement AI-driven customer interactions without the need for extensive technical expertise. Tidio's chatbots are particularly noted for their ability to improve response times, handle multiple inquiries simultaneously, and provide personalized customer service around the clock.

Tidio website chatbot - A good choice for small businesses and startups

Why Tidio chatbot stands apart?

Tidio's chatbot solution, Lyro, is distinguished by its user-friendly interface and flexible customization options. Businesses can quickly design and deploy chatbots that cater to their specific needs, from answering frequently asked questions to guiding customers through the purchasing process. Tidio also offers a wide range of pre-designed templates, which can be easily adapted to various business scenarios, making it a versatile tool for enhancing customer service and sales.

Best features

  • Intuitive chatbot builder: Tidio offers a drag-and-drop interface that simplifies the creation and customization of chatbot flows, enabling businesses to launch effective chatbots quickly.

  • Pre-designed templates: Tidio provides a variety of templates for common business use cases, which can be customized to fit brand messaging and goals.

  • Live chat integration: Seamlessly integrates with Tidio's live chat system, allowing for smooth transitions between chatbots and human agents when necessary.
  • E-commerce enhancements: Features specialized tools for e-commerce websites, including cart recovery bots and product recommendation engines.
  • Multichannel support: Enables chatbots to operate across various platforms, including websites, Facebook Messenger, and email, providing a consistent customer experience.

  • Analytics and reporting: Delivers insights into chatbot performance and customer engagement metrics, helping businesses optimize their strategies.


  • While Tidio offers robust features, some advanced customization options may require a learning curve to fully utilize.

  • The platform's effectiveness in handling highly complex inquiries can vary, potentially necessitating manual intervention by live agents.

  • Not the best and most personalized customer support.

Plans and pricing

Tidio's pricing structure is designed to be flexible, catering to businesses at different stages of growth:

  • Free plan: $0 allowing you up to 50 chatbot conversations per month.

  • Starter plan: $29 per agent per month, allowing up to 100 chatbot conversations per month.

  • Growth plan: $59 per agent per month, allowing up to 250 chatbot conversations per month.

  • Tidio + plan: $398 per agent per month, for bigger teams with bigger messaging volumes and custom needs.

IMPORTANT: Just like Kustomer and other chatbot platforms Tidio cap your chatbot conversations and ticket resolutions making you pay more for each resolved chatbot interaction!

Tidio offers flexible pricing plans for small businesses and startups who're looking to scale

Why choose Tidio?

Tidio Chatbot's ease of use, combined with its powerful customization and integration capabilities, sets it apart from other chatbot solutions. The platform's focus on enhancing customer engagement and automating support tasks, along with its strong e-commerce features, makes Tidio a preferred choice for businesses looking to improve their online presence, lead generation and sales.

#5 Intercom

Intercom's chatbot, Fin, part of its broader customer communication platform, is engineered to facilitate personalized, scalable customer conversations. Renowned for its sophisticated AI and machine learning capabilities, Intercom's chatbot excels in delivering tailored interactions that guide users through a seamless journey, from initial engagement to conversion and support. It's designed to automate the qualification of leads, provide instant support answers, and route conversations to the appropriate team members, all while maintaining a highly personalized interaction with users.

Meet Intercom's Fin - An AI Chatbot for small businesses and startups

Why Intercom chatbot, Fin, stands apart?

Fin is distinguished by its advanced conversational AI, which enables it to handle a wide array of customer interactions with a level of personalization that mimics human conversation. Its integration within Intercom's comprehensive communication platform allows for a seamless transition between automated and human-assisted interactions, ensuring customers receive the most appropriate level of service. Additionally, its ability to learn from every interaction helps in continually refining its responses and recommendations, providing businesses with a powerful tool for enhancing customer experience and operational efficiency.

Best features

  • Advanced Conversational AI: Utilizes cutting-edge AI to engage customers with personalized, contextually relevant conversations.

  • Integration with Intercom's platform: Ensures a unified communication experience, allowing easy handoffs between bots and human agents.

  • Custom conversation flows: Offers tools to build custom chatbot flows that align with specific business goals, such as lead generation or customer support.
  • Real-time performance analytics: Provides insights into chatbot interactions, helping businesses optimize their conversation strategies for better engagement and conversion rates.

  • Scalable support solutions: Enables businesses to scale their customer support capabilities without compromising the quality of service.


  • Complexity and pricing: The comprehensive nature of Intercom's platform, including its chatbot, Fin, can present a steep learning curve and may be priced higher than simpler solutions, potentially making it less accessible for small businesses or startups.

  • Integration requirements: Maximizing the chatbot's potential may require deeper integration with Intercom's ecosystem, which could demand additional resources for setup and maintenance.

Plans and pricing

Intercom offers a range of pricing tiers to accommodate businesses of different sizes and needs, though specific chatbot functionalities may vary across different plans:

  • Essential plan: $39 per agent per month.
  • Advanced plan: $99 per agent per month.
  • Expert plan: $139 per agent per month.

IMPORTANT: And just like all the other platforms, aside Glassix Intercom will charge you for no less than 99 C per chatbot resolution making it costly for small businesses and startups.

While offering a somewhat competitive pricing for licensing Intercom will charge you high fees for bot conversation resolution

Why choose Intercom?

Intercom Chatbot's integration within a comprehensive customer communication platform sets it apart, offering businesses a sophisticated tool for automating and personalizing customer interactions at scale. Its focus on delivering contextually relevant conversations, combined with the platform's overall analytics and customization capabilities, positions Intercom as a valuable asset for businesses aiming to enhance their customer engagement and support strategies.

#6 Kommunicate

Kommunicate's chatbot platform is specifically engineered to enhance customer engagement and streamline support operations through AI-powered automation. It allows businesses to build, customize, and deploy chatbots across various communication channels, providing instant support and engagement to users around the clock. Kommunicate stands out for its blend of advanced AI technology with ease of use, enabling even those with limited technical skills to create effective chatbot solutions.

Kommunicate FAQ AI website Chatbot for small businesses and startups

Why Kommunicate chatbot stands apart?

Kommunicate differentiates itself with a focus on simplicity and effectiveness, offering a user-friendly platform for creating AI-driven chatbots that can handle a wide range of customer interactions. Its integration with popular messaging channels and business tools makes it a versatile choice for businesses looking to automate customer service, lead generation, and engagement processes. The platform's ability to provide detailed analytics and insights helps businesses continuously improve their chatbot's performance and customer satisfaction.

Best features

  • Easy-to-use chatbot builder: Features a drag-and-drop interface that simplifies the chatbot creation process, making it accessible to users without coding expertise.

  • Rich customization options: Allows businesses to tailor chatbot conversations and workflows to match their brand voice and customer engagement strategies.

  • Seamless integration with live support: Offers the capability to hand off complex queries from chatbot to live customer support agents, ensuring seamless customer service.

  • Advanced AI and NLP capabilities: Employs natural language processing to understand and respond to customer queries effectively, providing a more human-like interaction.

  • Insightful analytics and reporting: Delivers actionable insights into chatbot interactions, customer satisfaction, and engagement metrics, enabling data-driven decisions.


  • While Kommunicate offers a range of powerful features, businesses with very complex or specific requirements may need to seek additional customization or integration work.

  • The platform's reliance on third-party integrations for some functionalities may introduce challenges in managing a seamless customer experience across all tools.

Plans and pricing

Kommunicate adopts a pretty straightforward pricing model to cater to businesses of all sizes, however their pricing is also pretty high for small businesses with plans that include:

  • Lite plan: Starts at $100 per agent per month
  • Advanced plan: Starts at $200 per agent per month
  • Enterprise plan: Custom pricing, available upon request

Kommunicate pricing and plans offer a diverse selection for small businesses and startups

Why choose Kommunicate?

Kommunicate Chatbot's ease of use, combined with its powerful AI capabilities and flexible deployment options, makes it an attractive solution for businesses aiming to automate their customer engagement and support processes. Its focus on providing a seamless integration between AI chatbots and human support agents ensures that businesses can deliver a high level of customer service without sacrificing efficiency or effectiveness.

#7 Drift

Drift Chatbot is designed to revolutionize sales and marketing efforts by facilitating personalized, real-time conversations with website visitors. As a leader in conversational marketing and sales, Drift's AI-powered chatbots help businesses qualify leads, book meetings, and provide instant answers to customer inquiries, all without human intervention. This tool is especially beneficial for B2B companies and startups looking to streamline their sales funnel and enhance customer engagement.

Drift is a top conversational marketing and sales chatbot software

Why Drift chatbot stands apart?

Drift Chatbot stands out for its focus on generating sales and accelerating the marketing funnel. It uses advanced AI to understand customer needs, making interactions more efficient and effective. With its ability to integrate with CRM and sales tools, Drift Chatbot ensures a seamless flow of information and a unified customer experience. It's particularly noted for its Playbooks feature, which automates and personalizes conversations at scale to drive leads and conversions.

Best features

  • Lead qualification: Automatically qualifies leads based on predefined criteria, ensuring sales teams focus on conversations with the highest potential.

  • Meeting scheduling: Integrates with calendars to book meetings directly from the chat interface, reducing friction in the sales process.

  • Customizable playbooks: Offers pre-built conversation flows tailored to different stages of the customer journey, from awareness to decision-making.

  • CRM integration: Seamlessly syncs with CRM platforms to provide a holistic view of customer interactions and streamline lead management.

  • Analytics and insights: Delivers detailed reports on chatbot performance, visitor engagement, and conversion metrics, enabling continuous optimization.

  • 24/7 Customer support: Ensures customers and prospects always have access to assistance, improving overall satisfaction and loyalty.


  • Learning curve: The breadth of features and customization options may require a significant time investment to master fully.

  • Pricing: Drift's advanced features and integrations come at a premium price, which might be a consideration for small businesses or startups.

Plans and pricing

Drift offers several pricing tiers, tailored to the size and needs of different businesses:

  • Premium plan: Starts at $2,500 per month.

  • Advanced plan: Custom pricing plan, available upon request.

  • Enterprise plan: Custom pricing plan, available upon request.

As you can see Drift is an extremely expensive chatbot software, however, it is renowned in the space of conversational AI marketing and loved by marketers and sales professionals all around the world.

Drift plans and pricing - An expensive platform for small businesses and startups

Why choose Drift?

Drift Chatbot's focus on optimizing sales and marketing processes through conversational AI sets it apart from other chatbot tools. Its advanced lead qualification, seamless integration capabilities, and powerful Playbooks for personalizing interactions make it a valuable asset for businesses looking to enhance their conversational marketing and sales strategies.

#8 HubSpot

HubSpot Chatbot, part of the HubSpot CRM platform, is engineered to streamline customer interactions by automating conversations and tasks. It allows businesses of all sizes to engage with visitors, qualify leads, book meetings, and provide customer support directly through their website. Integrated seamlessly with HubSpot's comprehensive suite of marketing, sales, and service tools, this chatbot offers a unified approach to managing customer relationships and interactions.

HubSpot chatbot builder for your website - A top CRM & chatbot solution for small businesses and startups

Why HubSpot chatbot stands apart?

What sets HubSpot Chatbot apart is its deep integration with the HubSpot ecosystem, providing businesses with a holistic view of their customer interactions and data. This integration enables personalized and contextually relevant conversations at every stage of the customer journey, from the first website visit to post-sale support. The chatbot is designed to be easily customizable without requiring extensive coding knowledge, making it accessible for businesses to tailor its functionality to meet their specific needs.

Best features

  • Seamless CRM integration: Automatically records chat interactions in HubSpot's CRM, ensuring all customer data is centralized and accessible for personalized follow-ups.

  • Customizable chat flows: Offers an intuitive visual editor to create custom chatbot workflows for various use cases, including lead capture, customer support, and feedback collection.

  • Lead qualification and routing: Identifies and qualifies leads based on their responses, then routes them to the appropriate sales team or representative.

  • Meeting scheduling: Integrates with HubSpot's meeting tool to allow prospects to book appointments directly through the live chat interface.

  • 24/7 Customer support automation: Provides instant answers to common customer queries and routes more complex issues to human agents, ensuring round-the-clock support.

  • Analytics and reporting: Generates detailed reports on chatbot performance, visitor engagement, and conversion metrics within the HubSpot platform.


  • While HubSpot Chatbot offers a range of powerful features, accessing the full suite of advanced functionalities may require subscribing to higher-tier HubSpot plans.
  • Businesses with highly complex or unique chatbot requirements might need to explore additional customization or integration options beyond the default offerings.

Plans and pricing

HubSpot offers its chatbot tool as part of the HubSpot CRM platform, with pricing structured around the broader suite of tools:

  • Professional plan: Starts at $800 per month.
  • Enterprise plan: Starts at $3,600 per month
With HubSpot you must also pay for a CRM solution therefore pricing are pretty expensive for small businesses and startups

Why choose HubSpot?

HubSpot Chatbot's key advantage lies in its integration with the HubSpot CRM platform, offering businesses a powerful tool for automating and managing customer interactions within a unified ecosystem. This integration enables highly personalized conversations and streamlined workflows, enhancing the overall customer experience and supporting business growth.

Now that we can all agree on the best chatbots software, let’s talk about how chatbots can help small businesses thrive in 2024 and beyond. 

How chatbots can help small businesses?

Chatbots represent a significant technological advancement for small businesses, offering a range of benefits that can transform customer interactions and operational efficiency. Here are six common ways in which chatbots can aid small businesses:

  • Stellar customer service: Chatbots provide immediate responses to customer inquiries, available 24/7, ensuring that customer support is continuous and consistent. This level of availability can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Increased sales and lead gen: Chatbots can guide customers through the sales funnel by providing product recommendations, answering questions, and even processing transactions. They can also qualify leads by gathering preliminary information before handing off to a sales team, ensuring that only high-potential leads are pursued.
  • Personalized experiences: Advanced AI chatbots can analyze customer data and past interactions to offer personalized recommendations and support. This level of personalization can improve customer engagement and encourage repeat business.
  • Scalability: Chatbots allow small businesses to handle an increasing volume of inquiries without needing to proportionally increase support staff. This scalability ensures that customer service quality doesn’t diminish as a business grows.
  • Actionable insights and analytics: Chatbots can collect data from interactions, providing businesses with valuable insights into customer preferences, behavior, and feedback. These analytics can inform business strategies, product development, and marketing campaigns.

So now you’re probably screeching your head and pondering, Ok, I understand how chatbots can help my small business but do you have like actual examples that can resonate with my use case. Hell yeah, we have. Let’s talk about the most common use cases chatbots can address for your small business or startup.

Examples of chatbots in small business - Common use cases

  • Customer support: Automating responses to frequently asked questions and providing instant assistance for common issues, reducing wait times and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Booking and reservations: For businesses like restaurants, salons, small insurance companies, and clinics, chatbots can handle appointment bookings directly through a website or social media platform, streamlining the reservation process.
  • Order processing and tracking: E-commerce businesses can and should use chatbots to assist customers with placing orders, providing payment information, and tracking order status.
  • Feedback collection: Chatbots are often being used to gather customer feedback through surveys and questionnaires, offering businesses insights into areas for improvement or customer satisfaction levels.
  • Product recommendations: By analyzing customer preferences and past purchases, chatbots can offer personalized product recommendations, enhancing the shopping experience and boosting sales.

Wrapping up and final words

Wow, thanks for reading up to this point, I really appreciate it. While you’re here I think you can agree with me that chatbots allows small businesses to enhance customer experience, streamline operations, and foster growth, and by automating routine tasks, providing round-the-clock customer support, and personalizing customer interactions, chatbots can significantly improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. But that’s not all, you see, technology continues to evolve, the capabilities and applications of chatbots will expand, offering even more opportunities for small businesses to innovate and excel in their customer engagement strategies.

In case you are not yet embracing chatbot technology, I urge you to do this (YESTERDAY) as it’s not just about keeping up with trends; it's about seizing opportunities to improve your business operations and customer relations. With the right chatbot software solution, small businesses can position themselves for success in an increasingly digital marketplace.

If I had you at "Are you running a small business or a startup and constantly seeking innovative solutions to enhance customer experience and streamline operations?"

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