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Transform your email communications by organizing messages into cohesive conversation threads. Harness the unparalleled automation features that have cemented email's legacy as the Internet's pioneering powerhouse tool.

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Maximize email engagement with Glassix's unified inbox, ensuring every customer message is captured and addressed

Drive trust and loyalty by engaging customers via email conversations with Glassix, guaranteeing prompt support and a tailored, seamless experience.
Centralize communications
Streamline all messages into Glassix's Unified Inbox for efficient management.
Never miss an Email
Connect your business email to Glassix and ensure every customer query is addressed promptly.
Boost productivity
Integrate business emails with Glassix to automate responses and elevate customer engagement.

The Power of the Glassix Inbox: display email messages as conversation threads

As the most familiar messaging channel, Email messages are less sensitive to wait time, message length, or media attachments. For added convenience, Glassix strips down email messages into simplified conversation threads, removing the clutter while preserving all the advantages of email.

Glassix + your email provider = seamless integration

Integrate standard email platforms such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, or use email forwarding to keep working with your provider of choice. Alternatively, use Glassix as your hosted email provider at no extra charge to deliver a unified conversational experience all in one messaging platform.

Dedicated routing rules

Standard Email is not optimized to support modernized customer service business processes within a unified inbox. Leveraging unique email attributes such as address, domain, and subject line fields, use Glassix to trigger dynamic business rules including agent assignment, priority routing, welcome message settings, and more.

Connect your business email: one unified inbox, all channels, AI-powered instant responses

In a digital age where email remains a primary communication channel for businesses, Glassix emerges as the ultimate solution. By integrating your business email into our unified platform, we ensure every email is treated as a valuable conversation. It’s not just about bringing all communications under one roof; it’s about smart engagement. With AI-powered responses, Glassix guarantees that every email receives a timely and pertinent reply. Dive into the next generation of email management where all your conversations are centralized, streamlined, and enhanced by leading-edge AI.
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