Glassix Customer Stories

Learn how global brands use Glassix to enhance the customer experience while improving customer satisfaction

Estée Lauder

"Since implementing Glassix as our unified messaging platform, the volume of eCommerce activity increased dramatically enabling us to deliver business continuity. Not only was customer service not compromised, efficiency actually improved!"

Zohar Shemesh
EMEA Omnichannel Project Manager at Estée Lauder Companies Inc

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"The implementation of Glassix unified messaging capabilities such as live chat including chatbots has contributed significantly to the customer experience. Our customers can perform a wide range of activities using the chatbot without human intervention. This allows us to service hundreds of thousands of customers with unprecedented efficiency."

Ariel Keshir
Director of Data Communication and Infosec

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Vert Hotels

"Glassix has become a central component of our service and ordering system across all channels - social networks, live chat, WhatsApp and more. This allows service agents and sales representatives to answer and manage inquiries efficiently with unprecedented precision."

Alexandra Eliyahu
Director of Digital in the Africa Israel Hotels

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Holmes Place

"The Glassix unified messaging platform effectively delivers a 35% First Contact Resolution rate (FCR) without relying on human intervention. By routing conversations to chatbots by default 24/7, anyone can access the information you need at any time. Naturally, we have dozens of qualified agents standing by during business hours to respond to customers messages - with WhatsApp emerging as a key channel."

Gabi Mordo
VP Sales & Customer Experience

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