Leverage Social Media for Customer Engagement

Monitor and respond to social media posts, comments, and tweets so you never miss an engagement opportunity while increasing customer satisfaction.

Facebook Posts & Comments

Businesses use Facebook posts and comments to build engagement and deepen relationships with customers. Use Glassix to respond to customer comments on your Facebook page by enabling agents to reply on Facebook as a public comment, or reply privately to resolve issues and increase customer satisfaction rate.

Instagram Comments

Instagram is a powerful platform to connect with your customers, showcase your products or services, and build brand awareness with visually engaging content. Identify opportunities to engage with your passionate young audience by responding to Instagram comments directly from Glassix.  

Customer Tweets

Twitter can be a valuable tool to connect with your customers, engage in real-time, and keep your customers informed with industry news and trends. Supercharge your customer success and engage via Twitter by replying to customer Tweets directly from your Glassix unified inbox.

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