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Simplify and enhance customer interactions by integrating the world's leading instant messaging apps and SMS into a single, AI-driven inbox.

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Utilize the power of instant messaging apps & SMS to engage customers on their favorite channels

Engaging with customers through instant messaging apps and SMS, not only fosters trust and loyalty but also guarantees prompt support. This approach crafts a seamless and personalized experience, positioning your business at the forefront of modern customer communication.

Why is engaging customers through instant messaging apps and SMS so crucial?

Engaging with customers through their preferred channels enhances trust, fosters loyalty, and ensures timely support, creating a seamless and personalized experience for them.
Immediate response
Instant messaging and SMS allow businesses to address customer queries in real-time, elevating satisfaction levels.
Ubiquity & accessibility
With billions using messaging apps and SMS daily, businesses tap into the most direct and widespread communication channels.
Personalized touch
Messaging platforms enable tailored interactions, fostering deeper customer 
relationships and trust.

WhatsApp & other leading  messaging apps from Meta

Centralize your customer interactions on Glassix, harnessing the power of Meta's top messaging platforms. Engage with over 2 billion users on WhatsApp, and seamlessly integrate conversations from Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct.

Sms text messaging & Apple iMessage

SMS text messaging apps such as Apple iMessage are a key digital channel for businesses to connect directly with customers using any Android or iOS device (namely mobile phones and tablet devices).

Google business messages

Allow customers to reach out directly via your Google Business Profile, enhanced with automated welcome greetings. Empower agents to reply effortlessly from Glassix's unified inbox."

All channels, one place, instant replies powered by AI

In an era where instant communication is paramount, Glassix stands as a beacon for businesses worldwide. By consolidating the vast landscape of instant messaging apps and SMS into a singular, intuitive platform, we ensure that no message goes unnoticed. But it's not just about centralization; it's about intelligent interaction. With AI-driven instant replies, Glassix ensures that your customers receive timely, relevant responses, no matter the channel they choose. Experience the future of customer communication where all channels converge into one place, and every interaction is powered by leading-edge AI.
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