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Apple Messages for Business revolutionizes customer interaction by leveraging the familiarity and convenience of iOS devices like iPhones, iPads, and Macs. Its integration with the Glassix Unified Inbox elevates this experience, enabling businesses to manage communications seamlessly across multiple channels.

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Empower your customer experience with Conversational AI on Apple Business Messages

By integrating advanced Conversational AI, powered by the latest GPT-4 technology, into Apple Business Messages, we offer a seamless, intuitive, and highly responsive communication channel. This cutting-edge solution not only enhances customer engagement but also ensures quick, accurate responses to inquiries, elevating the overall customer experience.
Automate responses on Apple Business Messages
Leverage advanced chatbots powered by AI to provide quick, accurate responses, ensuring efficient and inclusive customer service at scale.
Apple Business Messages + Glassix
Seamlessly blend Apple Business Messages with Glassix AI Inbox, offering a unified platform for diverse customer interactions across iOS devices.
Be where your customers are
Foster deeper, more meaningful connections with customers through personalized, AI-driven conversations, on their preferred channel, Apple Business Messages.

Discover the future of CX: Apple Business Messages powered by Glassix AI

Revolutionize your business communication: Apple Messages for today's digital leaders

Step into the future of digital business messaging with Apple Messages for Business, tailored for the new generation of leaders. This innovative platform empowers your customers to effortlessly connect with your business using their preferred iOS devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Macs. Whether it's accessing information, resolving issues, or completing transactions, Apple Messages for Business ensures a seamless experience.

Glassix AI + Apple Business Messages, where the magic happens

Customers prefer to communicate with businesses on their own terms. Glassix enables your team to connect with anyone using the Glassix AI unified inbox with Apple Business Messages insuring no customer query goes unanswered. and with AI features like suggested- replies, auto-tagging, and auto-summary of conversations your support team always stay one step ahead.

Real-time chatbot monitoring & agent takeover with Glassix AI

Enhance your customer service with the integration of Apple Business Messages and Glassix AI Inbox. This powerful combination allows you to monitor chatbot conversations in real time, offering the flexibility for an agent takeover when needed. This strategic approach significantly lowers abandonment rates while boosting customer satisfaction and conversion rates. With real-time monitoring, supervisors can swiftly identify and address potential issues, ensuring that conversations are smoothly transitioned to a human agent whenever required.

Keep your customers engaged with chatbots & Conversational AI

Utilize the capabilities of Apple Business Messages to engage your customers at critical moments. Set up automated messages to greet customers when they first interact with your business through iOS devices or to address instances where they abandon their shopping cart. This proactive approach using Apple Business Messages ensures your customers feel informed and supported at every stage of their journey, enhancing their experience and fostering stronger connections with your brand.

CX done right with Apple's Message suggest feature

Apple is redefining business communication by introducing Message Suggest, a feature that effortlessly transitions customer inquiries from traditional, costly phone calls to a more efficient and affordable messaging option. This innovation not only significantly reduces expenses but also enhances the capacity of your team to handle multiple customer interactions simultaneously. With Message Suggest, customers enjoy the convenience and immediacy of starting conversations directly with your business, leading to increased satisfaction and streamlined service experiences.

Enhanced security with end-to-end encryption in Apple Messages for Business

Apple Messages for Business offers robust security through end-to-end encryption, ensuring that every message remains protected from unauthorized access. This advanced security measure guarantees deep data protection, allowing businesses to maintain the highest level of customer data privacy and compliance. With this secure communication channel, businesses can assure their customers that their conversations and personal information are safeguarded, fostering trust and confidence in the service provided.
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