One Messaging Inbox for All Your Customer Conversations

Unify your business messages on Glassix across digital channels. Minimize workload. Grow at scale. Enhance customer experience.

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Keep Your Customer Conversations Easy to Manage

Manage conversations from Glassix in one unified inbox across channels and chatbots.

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Conversation Routing Engine
Assign conversations to qualified agents dynamically and customize routing rules to deliver effective triage at scale.
Customer Conversation History
Present conversation history in a single panel across agents, chatbots, and channels.
Cross-channel Continuity
Maintain conversation continuity across channels and departments.
Rich Media Sharing
Share video, images, voice notes, digitally signed documents, and more.
Mobile Agent App
Empower your team to work from anywhere - in the office, at home, or on the go.
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Keep Messaging Across Channels

Keep your business messages connected on Glassix without losing conversation continuity - anytime, anywhere, and across multiple channels.

Instant Messaging
Reply to direct messages via WhatsApp, iMessage, Messenger, and more.
Email Conversations
Bring the conversation into your customer’s inbox.
Live Chat
Engage your customers directly from your website or mobile app.
Social Media
Stay on top of your feed so you never miss a comment or post.
Instant Channel Change
Enable agents to move seamlessly between channels in one click.
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Effortlessly Design Conversational Chatbots that Work for Humans

Create automated flows with the Glassix chatbot builder, combine AI, and scale your business as you grow.

Visual Chatbot Builder
Create no-code flows designed for non-technical business managers.
One Click Launch
Launch a new chatbot in minutes and deploy to all channels in one click.
Build Advanced Chatbots
Deploy sophisticated chatbots including conditions, API requests, and custom code.
Deploy Conversational AI
Train automated chatbots to respond to prompts with Conversational AI.
Real-time Agent Takeover
Monitor chatbot conversations in real time and enable agent takeover to improve customer satisfaction and close rate.
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