We're an omni-channel messaging platform for service, sales, and support centers

We're an omni-channel messaging platform for service, sales, and support centers

Glassix is an omnichannel messaging platform for service, sales, and support centers.

Your customers will enjoy an instant, innovative, and effective service experience!

Optimal customer experience

GLASSIX enables organizations to provide customers with service via any digital channel they choose. Turning to digital channels significantly increases customer satisfaction and strengthens the organization's image as advanced and innovative.

Maximum service. Maximum efficiency

With Glassix, a service representative can provide service to several customers at the same time, which significantly shortens the waiting time for a representative and allows the call center to offer an efficient and fast service to more customers while saving considerable resources.

One updated knowledge base management!

GLASSIX allows you to manage a unified organizational knowledge base that includes scripts, instructional videos, tutorials, and photos and presentations that can be sent to customers during the call to optimize the service and solve problems more efficiently and quickly.

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WhatsApp Business API

The WhatsApp Business API allows organizations to route referrals to enterprise departments using a single WhatsApp number, automatically managing a variety of marketing, customer service, and support activities through a connection to the organization's core system (ERP, CRM and ITSM).

Integration with CRM / ERP systems

The GLASSIX system connects to a variety of enterprise core systems including SysAid, Salesforce, CRM Dynamics as well as CC systems such as Calltech, Aspire, among other telephony systems.

Automated flows and an AI-based 'bot'

Glassix supplies automated conversational flows that enable your customers to perform a variety of automated operations such as inventory checking, order status clarification, scheduling appointments, answering questions, and more.. You can do that by using our automated flows builder which allows you to combine text, questions, buttons, external APIs, conditions and more. In addition, you can connect Glassix flows to any external AI & NLP engine you desire.

Our Customers

GLASSIX - Main benefits

At GLASSIX, the main emphasis is on the representative interface. With a unified and advanced system interface, representatives can provide service efficiently and simply on a wide variety of channels. In short, GLASSIX enhances the representative experience and thus improves the efficiency and productivity of service, sales, and support centers.

At GLASSIX, we understand that the integration between the various organizational systems is of paramount importance. Therefore a great deal of thought and effort has been invested in building an advanced API that enables developers inside and outside the organization to achieve integration in a simple and fast way.

In addition to transferring still images, the system enables real-time video calling.

The GLASSIX documents digital signature module fosters the construction of smart forms within the system and the signing up of customers in all channels: WhatsApp, email, SMS, chat, and others.

Managing multi-channel communication using GLASSIX does not require the installation of servers on the part of the organization nor the installation of an application on the part of the customer. In fact, the system operates in the cloud and can be set up in a very short period of time.

The management interface of the system allows the center’s managers to monitor in real-time and in retrospect to optimize activities and supervise employees.

Combined with customer surveys, Glassix will allow you to get a full estimation of your agents and services quality & customers satisfaction.

GLASSIX understands the importance of information security and the protection of sensitive and important information both of the organization and the customers. Thus, the system is secured with a variety of tools and various technological solutions including FW, antivirus, CDR, two-step authentication of users, and others.

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