Empower Retail Growth and Maximize E-commerce Potential with Glassix AI

Whether it’s leveraging our generative AI chatbot to customize every customer interaction on your website or app, or unifying your communication channels, Glassix AI has you covered. Step into the league of leading e-commerce and retail giants, and witness a revenue surge while effortlessly automating over 50% of your routine tasks. Glassix AI, turning mundane tasks into extraordinary growth opportunities.

Transforming e-commerce and retail challenges into revenue growth opportunities

Glassix's generative AI-powered chatbots transform e-commerce and retail challenges into lucrative opportunities. These chatbots excel in empathetic, human-like interactions, turning every customer query into a personalized shopping experience. From recovering significant revenue from abandoned carts to offering instant, context-aware responses, Glassix's AI drives customer satisfaction and retention, reshaping the e-commerce landscape with efficiency and understanding.
Unified AI-driven inbox
Centralize customer interactions from various channels like social media, email, and live chat into one streamlined hub, tailored for the dynamic needs of retail and e-commerce.
Generative AI chatbots
Boost your retail sales and enhance customer support by providing smart, automated interactions that understand and respond to shopper queries, making every interaction more effective and personal.
Seamless integration
Integrate Glassix effortlessly with your existing retail CRM and e-commerce platforms, ensuring a smooth, cohesive workflow that enhances customer data management and marketing efforts.
Glassix AI streamlines customer interactions and fast-tracks the delivery of value to YOUR online shoppers

Captivate your website visitors with messages that are not just timely but also perfectly tailored to THEIR shopping spree

The Glassix AI chatbot's success is rooted in its adaptability and customization. It allows businesses to engage users effectively with features like timely pop-ups, exit intent technology, and cart abandonment prompts. These tools ensure that users receive the right incentives and information at crucial moments, enhancing the likelihood of purchase decisions. Glassix offers a range of customizable options, from personalized greetings to targeted promotions, catering to the unique demands of each business and elevating the online shopping experience.

Increase online sales and customer satisfaction with AI chatbot

As an e-commerce or online retail store owner, an AI chatbot is your key to boosting sales and customer satisfaction. It quickly responds to customer queries, recommends products, and provides a tailored shopping experience. This not only drives sales but also builds a loyal customer base who appreciate the efficient, personalized service.

Scroll-triggered chatbot pop-ups

Engages users actively browsing, popping up after 50% page scroll to assist in purchase decisions.

Exit-intent chatbot engagements

Captures visitors about to leave the site with chatbot pop-ups offering incentives, enhancing conversion rates.

Re-engagement for cart abandonment

Actively re-engages users who have left items in their cart, with chatbot pop-ups encouraging purchase completion.

Personalized chatbot interactions

Offers tailored greetings and promotions via chatbot pop-ups, creating a customized shopping experience for each visitor.

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E-commerce & retail online stores using Glassix see on average:

store conversion rate
Cart Abandonment Rate
returning customers
average order value

Omnichannel engagement, support and sales done right with Glassix AI

Glassix AI redefines omnichannel engagement for e-commerce and online retail, offering seamless support and sales across multiple platforms. It's where your customers are - from WhatsApp to Instagram, SMS to Email. Glassix AI engages your shoppers with personalized interactions, whether promoting your top products on WhatsApp or offering special deals to loyal clients. This cohesive, AI-driven approach across various channels not only enhances customer experience but also drives sales, ensuring your business stays connected and responsive in today's digital marketplace.

Glassix AI is everywhere your customers are

Glassix AI streamlines customer interaction for e-commerce and retail stores, offering smart features like showcasing products on WhatsApp or your website chat and sending tailored messages based on user behavior. It elevates the shopping experience with location-specific offers and rewards loyal customers with exclusive deals. This multifaceted approach not only enhances user engagement but also strategically drives sales, showcasing Glassix AI as a vital tool for modern digital commerce.

WhatsApp & chat product catalog display

Showcase your best-selling products on WhatsApp for easy browsing and purchase.

Behavior-driven personalized messages

Utilize Glassix AI to send customized greetings and innovative messages based on user actions and behaviors on your website or app.

Location-based special offers

Promote exclusive deals to visitors from specific locations when they visit your website or app.

Loyalty rewards for returning clients

Offer special deals to returning clients as a token of appreciation for their loyalty, enhancing customer retention.

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AI-enhanced support: because your shoppers deserves the best

In e-commerce and online retail, addressing customer concerns like password changes or shipping delays swiftly across all channels is crucial. Glassix AI offers immediate, empathetic responses, ensuring customers receive the essential information they need, wherever they are. This instant communication approach is key in digital commerce, where customer satisfaction hinges on timely and understanding interaction. Glassix AI's capability to provide such responsive and empathetic replies enhances the overall customer experience, setting the standard for customer service in the online shopping world.

With Glassix AI, simplify, unify, and always reply

Glassix AI streamlines customer interactions in e-commerce, offering swift solutions for scenarios like password changes, shipping updates, order confirmations, and product inquiries. Glassix helps you unify communication across platforms, ensuring customers always receive prompt, empathetic responses, no matter the query.

Instant password reset assistance

Quick, empathetic AI responses for customers needing password changes, enhancing user convenience.

Real-time shipping updates

Proactively inform customers about shipping delays or status changes, maintaining transparency and trust.

Efficient order confirmation

Automatically confirm orders through AI, ensuring customers feel secure about their purchases.

Prompt product inquiry responses

Address customer questions about products rapidly, improving decision-making and boosting sales.

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