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Maintain a seamless flow of business communication across all digital channels whenever your customers reach out. With Glassix's intuitive onboarding wizard, you'll be set up and running in mere minutes!

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Utilize unified AI communication to engage customers on their favorite channels

Engaging with customers through their preferred channels enhances trust, fosters loyalty, and ensures timely support, creating a seamless and personalized experience for them.
Change channels instantly
Experience unparalleled flexibility with Glassix’s seamless channel switching. Ensure your customers always feel connected, even when interruptions occur. Wifi drops during a chat? With a simple click on the customer contact panel in Glassix, effortlessly transition between channels and maintain the flow of your conversation.
All channels, centralized
Streamline your communications with the unified power of Glassix's Inbox. From chatbots to instant messaging, have all your communication tools in one place, enabling your teams to respond to customer inquiries swiftly and efficiently, regardless of the platform.
Any channel, anytime, anywhere
Glassix ensures that you're always within reach. Whether it's through automation with bots on instant messaging channels or real-time responses, you're covered. With the Glassix mobile app, you're not just limited to a desk. Engage with your customers, whether you're on-the-go or in the office.

Instant messaging apps & sms text

With Glassix, businesses can effortlessly manage their communications by integrating the world's top instant messaging apps. This platform ensures consistent and timely interactions with customers on their preferred channels, streamlining the messaging process and bolstering customer relationships in today's digital age.

Email conversations

No more sifting through cluttered inboxes. Instead, reply directly to email messages from customers, all presented as easy-to-manage conversations in Glassix. Transform scattered emails into structured dialogues and elevate your customer engagement game.

Live chat

Elevate your customer engagement with Glassix live chat widgets! Allow your customers to seamlessly join conversations directly from your website or mobile app. Say goodbye to third-party dependencies! With Glassix, you can embed live chat in your website, integrate it into your mobile app, and even tailor the widget's functionality for different contexts, like unique landing pages. Plus, customize its design to resonate with your brand's distinct look and feel. Simplify chat, amplify engagement.

Social media engagement

Engage with your customers right where they hang out and share their feedback. From Facebook and Instagram, never miss a post, comment. Stay connected, stay responsive, and ensure every voice on your brand's social sphere is heard and acknowledged.
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