Bring the Conversation to Your Website or App with Live Chat

Respond to customer inquiries directly from your website, web application, or mobile app to increase customer engagement, loyalty, and satisfaction rates.

Live chat on your website

In the e-commerce and retail industries, live chat has emerged as the fastest growing customer communications channel. Embrace live chat as a key channel on your website or web application with your unique look & feel, messaging content, and chatbots.  

Customized look & feel

Configure multiple live chat widgets to match your brand identity and color palette. Customize each widget instance with its own set of unique welcome messages, channel selection, and behavior.

In-app messages

Just launched a new mobile app or web application? Enhance your customer experience by serving customers directly within your own iOS or Android mobile app with unified in-app messaging powered by Glassix. 

graphical user interface

Customer Data Integration

Deliver a personalized customer experience enriched with contextualized data such as current page, viewed products, and shopping cart progress, enabling your team to increase customer satisfaction, close, and upsell rates.

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