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All your business conversations are in one place. Supercharge your team productivity by leveraging advanced functionality such as smart tagging and canned replies.

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Harness the power of Glassix Unified Inbox: centralize all business conversations, leverage smart tagging, and utilize canned replies for swifter, more impactful interactions. Experience excellence!
Collaborative excellence
Glassix’s Unified Inbox is where 
collaboration thrives, blending 
smooth workflows with innovative 
automation, facilitating richer 
conversations between your teams 
and your customers.
All channels, centralized
Centralize all communication channels within one Inbox, empowering your teams to seamlessly address customer concerns using messaging, chatbots, and beyond.
Harness the comprehensive data gathered by your support team, transforming 
singular hiccups and recurring challenges into enhanced customer experiences.

Integrate your favorite apps directly with your inbox

The Glassix Unified Inbox artfully integrates with top-tier apps such as Jira, Salesforce, Slack, and beyond. By consolidating your tools into one space, we eliminate the need to jump between multiple tabs or software, enhancing productivity. Your team can now access essential customer details without ever leaving Glassix. Experience fewer distractions, accelerated workflows, and the epitome of streamlined communication. Truly, this is unification at its most efficient.

Conversation routing engine

Imagine a world where messages intuitively find their way to the most qualified agent, not just based on availability but on expertise, proficiency, and the specific needs of the conversation. With Glassix, that's your reality. Seamlessly shift between channels, prioritize based on SLAs, and ensure the conversation fits within customer account parameters. 

We've crafted a platform that not only enhances efficiency but ensures every conversation is in capable hands.

Intelligent assignment

The engine uses algorithms to assess incoming messages and automatically assigns them to the most suitable agent based on predefined criteria. This ensures that the agent with the most relevant experience or expertise handles each specific query or concern.

Truly omnichannel

Whether it's through email, chat, or any other communication medium, the engine facilitates smooth transitions between channels. This ensures that conversations maintain continuity even if they shift platforms.

Optimization protocols

By constantly analyzing agent performance, availability, and workload, the routing engine ensures optimal distribution of tasks. This prevents any single agent from being overwhelmed and helps maintain a balanced workload across the team.

Priority handling

The engine can categorize messages based on urgency (SLA) or channel priority. This means critical issues get immediate attention, ensuring timely responses and high customer satisfaction.

Customer account constraints

The system is equipped to recognize specific customer account constraints or preferences, ensuring that interactions are always tailored to individual customer needs.

Comprehensive customer insights

Initiate every Glassix chat with a wealth of customer details and a full record of past interactions.

Access key details

Instantly view pivotal customer data like their name, contact number, and email. This ensures you're never in the dark about who you're interacting with and can personalize the conversation from the get-go.

Consolidate chat histories

Regardless of where the conversation started - be it a direct message, an interaction with a chatbot, or a chat transferred from another agent - all threads merge into one continuous narrative in Glassix. This offers a holistic understanding of the customer's history and needs.

Swift agent onboarding

With all essential information at their fingertips, new or rotating agents can step into a conversation seamlessly. This ensures the customer's journey remains uninterrupted and consistently supportive.

Cross-channel continuity

Guarantee uninterrupted customer interactions by fluidly moving between communication channels in Glassix. Did your customer's Wi-Fi drop during a chat? We've got you covered! Effortlessly transition the conversation to email:

Simple selection

With Glassix, efficiency meets intuition. Directly from the customer contact panel, agents can swiftly opt for the email option, embodying our commitment to a user-friendly design.

One-click swap

Avoiding downtime is crucial for maintaining customer engagement. With Glassix's 'One-Click Swap', transitions are instantaneous, enabling agents to switch channels effortlessly, keeping the conversation's focus intact.

Continued engagement

Consistency defines successful customer interactions. Even amidst channel switches, Glassix ensures the conversation's flow remains unbroken, making customers feel continuously heard and valued by your brand.

Rich media sharing

In the digital age, one size doesn't fit all. With Glassix, customize the media types you support based on unique business scenarios. Whether it's a product demo video or a detailed infographic, you're in control.

Define supported media types

In the digital age, one size doesn't fit all. With Glassix, customize the media types you support based on unique business scenarios. Whether it's a product demo video or a detailed infographic, you're in control.

One-click support forms & digital signatures swap

Efficiency meets security. Glassix ensures smooth exchanges of crucial documents with supported forms and the added assurance of digital signatures, streamlining transactions and bolstering trust.

Heavy media, high volume

Size shouldn't compromise speed. Glassix handles sharing of extensive media files effortlessly, even in bulk, ensuring no delays and maintaining optimal communication flow.

Mobile agent app

Stay connected and productive from anywhere with the Glassix mobile Agent App - at the office, while working remotely, or on-the-go.

Full agent experience, on-the-move

With Glassix's mobile Agent App, bring the entirety of your inbox experience right to the palm of your hand, no matter where you are.

Always alerted, always aware

Benefit from timely in-app notifications to ensure that no message or task falls through the cracks.

Versatility in your pocket

Whether you're an Android enthusiast or an Apple aficionado, we've got you covered. Experience seamless support across both platforms.

What our customers say
Beyond just an inbox: a testimonial tale.

Empowering the Fitness, Health, and Wellness industry

Learn how Holmes Place manages over 140K customer inquiries using Glassix

“The most amazing thing that happened is that the number of phone calls to the service representatives dropped dramatically, as the chatbot was able to answer about 35% of the club members' calls without human intervention”.

Gabi Mordo
VP Sales & Customer Experience Holmes Place Health Clubs

Transforming the Hospitailty and Travel industry

Discover how Glassix enables Vert Hotels to service customers and optimize their guest experience

“Glassix has become a central messaging channel delivering our service. Since it centralizes inquiries across all channels in a single interface - social networks, chat, WhatsApp and more. This enables agents to respond to and resolve inquiries in an efficient and targeted manner.”

Alexandra Eliyahu
Director of Digital Africa Israel Hotels

Transforming the Beauty and Cosmetics industry

Explore how Estee Lauder group utilize Glassix to deliver a Conversational Customer Experience

"Since implementing Glassix as our unified messaging platform, the volume of eCommerce activity increased dramatically enabling us to deliver business continuity. Not only was customer service not compromised, efficiency actually improved!"

Zohar Shemesh
Omnichannel Project Manager Estée Lauder Companies inc.

Transforming the Automotive industry

Reveal How Glassix powers Hertz car rental services and digital fleet management

“By using Glassix each representative can manage multiple inquiries simultaneously, enabling faster response times to the point of even eliminating wait time entirely - all without compromising on quality of service.”

Ariel Keshir
Director of data communication and information security Hertz
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