Manage All Your Conversations in One Unified Inbox

Organize your business messaging traffic in Glassix - anytime, on any channel, and using diverse media types. Supercharge team productivity by leveraging advanced functionality such as smart tagging and canned replies.

Conversation Routing Engine

Empower your team to manage high message volume effectively in a variety of contexts by assigning conversations to qualified agents  - all while moving seamlessly between channels and optimizing Glassix triage protocols for:

  • Agent skill qualifications and availability
  • SLA and channel priority
  • Customer account constraints, and much more
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Customer Details & History

Start every new Glassix conversation with up-to-the-minute customer contact information and historical conversation logs for a bird’s eye view of your customer’s journey.

  • See customer name, phone number, email, and more.
  • Centralize conversation logs across all channels, assigned agents, and chatbot flows.
  • Bring any agent up to speed instantly.

Cross-channel Continuity

Deliver an amazing customer experience by switching between channels seamlessly to keep your customers engaged in the conversation. Your customer lost wifi mid-chat? No problem! Keep the conversation going on Glassix via email:

  • Choose email from customer contact panel.
  • Click to switch.
  • Keep the conversation going!
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messaging apps

Rich Media Sharing

Use Glassix to go beyond plain text and deliver the perfect media mix of video, images, voice notes, or digitally signed documents.

  • Define supported media types per business scenario.
  • Support forms and digital signatures.
  • Share heavy media files at high volume.

Mobile Agent App

Stay connected and productive from anywhere with the Glassix mobile Agent App - at the office, while working remotely, or on-the-go.

  • Bring full agent inbox experience to any mobile device.
  • Enable in-app notifications.
  • Support Android and iOS.