Grow, Scale, Succeed: Glassix's AI Magic for Teams of All Sizes

Glassix caters to businesses of all sizes, from solo entrepreneurs to large enterprises, with solutions that adapt to your growth. We celebrate your expansion with transparent pricing that scales with you. This means you can increase your messaging volume without financial worries, ensuring your communication needs evolve as your business does.

Implement a conversational tone across all customer journey steps

Embrace a conversational style at every step of your customer's journey. This approach creates a friendly, relatable experience, fostering trust and deepening connections from the first interaction to ongoing support.
Personalized interactions
Tailor each customer touchpoint with a friendly, conversational style for a more personalized experience.
Build Trust
Foster trust and comfort through relatable, human-centric communication at every phase of the customer journey.
Enhance Engagement
Increase customer engagement by transforming standard interactions into warm, inviting conversations.

Glassix Starter plan

Perfect for both small businesses and startups, our plan allows 1-5 agents to elevate your customer communication. With standard automation flows, chatbots, and access to multiple messaging channels, it's the ideal choice for growing teams seeking to enhance their customer engagement efficiently and effectively.

Small teams & startups: Discover the benefits of going Starter

Whether you’re running a small business, bootstrapping the next micro SaaS unicorn from your garage, or already building your lean mean eCommerce empire, Glassix has a business messaging plan just for you.
  • Accommodates 1-5 agents.
  • Starting at just $49 per agent per month.
  • Enjoy up to 15% off with an annual subscription.
  • Effortlessly upgrade or downgrade at any time
Level up your CX game with Glassix. 

The ultimate choice for streamlining customer communication: automated messaging, chatbots, AI, and an AI-driven unified inbox.
Elevate your customer experience game with Glassix, the ultimate choice for streamlined communication. Our platform revolutionizes how businesses interact with customers by integrating top instant messaging apps. It ensures timely, consistent engagement across preferred channels, simplifying the process and fortifying digital-era relationships. Glassix's AI-driven approach guarantees every message is captured, enhancing customer satisfaction and empowering your team to excel.

Glassix Growth plan

Ideal for growing businesses and mid-sized companies, our plan supports 2-9 agents in enhancing customer interactions. Featuring advanced automation, AI chatbots, popular messaging channels, and an AI-driven inbox, it's perfectly suited for teams aiming to deliver exceptional customer experiences while empowering their agents.

Scaling businesses: explore the advantages of our Growth plan

Need to get your business messaging stack up and running without compromising on enterprise performance? No problem! Glassix Growth plan is set up to start small and scale over time.
  • Accommodates 2-9 agents.
  • Starting at just $65 per agent per month.
  • Enjoy up to 20% off with an annual subscription.
  • Effortlessly upgrade or downgrade at any time

Our customers report an average of:

In operational costs
Faster first response time
In customer satisfaction score
in average resolution time

Glassix seamlessly integrates into your tech stack

Connect your favorite apps directly with Glassix
Utilize our open API to connect Glassix with your favorite software

Glassix Enterprise plan

For larger enterprises, our Enterprise Plan steps up the game. It emphasizes top-notch security features, offers unlimited API calls, and includes a complete Conversational AI suite for sophisticated interaction capabilities. Additionally, this plan provides an advanced and automated reporting and analytics dashboard, plus Business Intelligence tools, ensuring comprehensive oversight and strategic insights for your large-scale operations.

Explore the Power of our enterprise plan

Glassix unified business messaging platform is built from the ground up for a digital-native customer experience. We work with enterprise partners worldwide to deliver best in class messaging solutions as a Total Experience spanning employees, customers, and partners.
  • Unlimited number of Agents.
  • Pricing varies depending on the number of agents and partner selection.
  • Discount varies depending on the number of agents and partner selection.
  • Effortlessly upgrade or downgrade at any time.
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