April 9, 2023
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How Glassix Unified Messaging Enables Vert Hotels to Service Customers and Optimize the Guest Experience

Alexandra Eliyahu - Director of Digital at Africa Israel Hotels:
Could you tell us a little about the VERT hotel brand?

The VERT hotel brand is one of several managed by the Africa Israel Hotels group. Our properties in Israel include four prestigious hotels - in the Dead Sea, Eilat, Netanya and Jerusalem.

The origin of the brand name VERT - is 'green' in French, a name chosen with sustainability in mind and concern for the environment. We make it a priority to reduce the use of paper products while embracing sustainable technologies and increasing the use of natural and biodegradable materials along with consumption of solar energy, .

Can you tell us about how Glassix fits into that vision?

At the time of the corona virus, when the hotel industry was still closed, the CEO of the chain, Sharon Alon, began a digital transformation process throughout the company. We implemented processes on all platforms, mapped the existing one, and began implementing digital platforms across all channels.

I was already familiar with Consist as the local Glassix integration partner. In addition, we received a recommendation about the platform from the business messaging  interface.

What was the result after you implemented Glassix?

Exactly as we had envisioned. Glassix has become a central messaging channel delivering our service. Since it centralizes inquiries across all channels in a single interface - social networks, chat, WhatsApp and more. This enables agents to respond to and resolve inquiries in an efficient and targeted manner.

When did you proceed to integrate the Glassix chatbot ?

We analyzed the inquiries and saw that many of them included similar questions, such as available room types, hotel selection, types of guest groups, dates and more. Accordingly, we asked the team to build and implement a dedicated chatbot flow that would provide answers to common questions while allowing customers to check room availability and make reservations independently, around the clock regardless of local business hours.

What was the result of the chatbot implementation?

Guest satisfaction is a top priority at the Africa Israel Hotels chain across both digital service and front desk guest service. We are here to provide the best service across messaging channels, which is exactly what the chatbot delivered. Customers quickly began to receive information and complete a large variety of processes immediately, without requiring agent intervention. I am proud to say that we are the first organization in the hotel field in Israel to implement such a chatbot, which provides a quote without waiting for an agent. This consistently produces the most accurate and attractive quote for website visitors - effectively raising the level of our customer service to new standards.

It is also important to note that if the guest runs into challenges with the chatbot - which sometimes happens when the hotel is fully booked, the request is automatically transferred to a human agent who takes over the customer conversation via a instant messaging channel such as WhatsApp or Messenger. Naturally, this only follows once the customer gives consent to sharing contact information so our staff can circle back.

Thank you Alexandra Eliyahu!