April 9, 2023
# min read

How Holmes Place Manages over 140K Customer Inquiries Using Glassix Unified Messaging

What led you to install the Glassix unified messaging platform?

Holmes Place has over 140,000 club members in Israel, and we are growing all the time. However, during the pandemic we had to completely shut down all the public venues for more than five months, and before returning to business as usual it was clear that we would be flood with phone inquiries from club members with recurring questions regarding business hours and health related regulations.

We installed Glassix in the group's service center because it was important  to allow club members to contact our service representatives using digital messaging and social media channels - namely WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and live chat. We discovered they were expecting to receive information quickly and conveniently rather than a live call with an agent. We have since embraced Glassix which currently allows Holmes Place agents to provide service to a huge number of club members compared to legacy systems focused on calls, which significantly reduces wait time.  

How does it actually work?

We have one WhatsApp number that serves all 53 of the group's clubs in Israel in a centralized and efficient manner. When a club member sends a message on WhatsApp (and soon using Live Chat on our website as well), the chatbot responds and even associates the conversation with the appropriate brand, as well as providing relevant information  - business hours, topics related to health guidelines, training times, administrative questions and more.

How was the solution received by the club members?

The most amazing thing that happened is that the number of phone calls to the service representatives dropped dramatically, as the chatbot was able to answer about 35% of the club members' calls without human intervention. This alone immediately reduced the burden on agents, saved the customers wait time, and provided them with an innovative and empowering customer experience. The chatbot responds to tens of thousands of inquiries per week, and allows agents to address more complex issues. We get compliments - both from the club members and from the club managers - all the time.

Thank you Gabi Mordo!