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Enhance customer satisfaction and give your support team the tools they need with Glassix. Our AI customer support platform lets you provide stellar self-service options and build powerful chatbots using Conversational AI and GPT-4, ensuring your customer support, sales, and operations are top-notch.

Glassix AI customer support software

AI-driven unified inbox = Happy customers (and agents)

Imagine a world where messages intuitively find their way to the most qualified support agent, not just based on availability but on expertise, proficiency, and the specific needs of the conversation. With Glassix, that's your reality. Seamlessly shift between channels, prioritize based on SLAs, and ensure the conversation fits within customer account parameters.
We've crafted an AI customer support platform that not only enhances efficiency but ensures every conversation is in capable hands.
Conversations routing engine
Comprehensive customer insights
Cross-channel continuity
Rich media sharing
Your go-to solution for automated customer communication, messaging, chatbots, AI, and everything in between
Glassix empowers businesses to seamlessly manage communications by integrating the world's leading instant messaging apps. Our AI customer support software guarantees consistent, timely interactions with customers on their preferred channels, simplifying the messaging process and strengthening customer relationships in the digital era. With the support of AI, Glassix customer support software ensures that no message goes unnoticed, keeping your customers satisfied and your agents at the top of their game.
Design, click, deploy: Your omnichannel chatbot is ready to engage customers across all channels
Create seamless, no-code customer journeys with Glassix's chatbot builder. A single click deploys across channels, harnessing the power of GPT-4's conversational AI to uplift your business.

Build no code AI chatbots with ease

Discover the seamless customer support and sales experiences of Glassix's visual chatbot builder, where crafting automated flows feels like magic. Just drag and drop. It’s that easy!
  • Craft automated flows without a code.
  • Select from ready-to-use templates.
  • Customize to fit your business.
  • Deploy across all instant messaging channels with a single click.

Build no code AI chatbots with ease

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Integrate your favorite apps directly with Glassix AI customer support platform
Utilize our open API to connect Glassix customer support platform with your preferred software
What our customers say
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Empowering the Fitness, Health, and Wellness industry

Learn how Holmes Place manages over 140K customer inquiries using Glassix

“The most amazing thing that happened is that the number of phone calls to the service representatives dropped dramatically, as the chatbot was able to answer about 35% of the club members' calls without human intervention”.

Gabi Mordo
VP Sales & Customer Experience Holmes Place Health Clubs

Transforming the Hospitailty and Travel industry

Discover how Glassix enables Vert Hotels to service customers and optimize their guest experience

“Glassix has become a central messaging channel delivering our service. Since it centralizes inquiries across all channels in a single interface - social networks, chat, WhatsApp and more. This enables agents to respond to and resolve inquiries in an efficient and targeted manner.”

Alexandra Eliyahu
Director of Digital Africa Israel Hotels

Transforming the Beauty and Cosmetics industry

Explore how Estee Lauder group utilize Glassix to deliver a Conversational Customer Experience

"Since implementing Glassix as our unified messaging platform, the volume of eCommerce activity increased dramatically enabling us to deliver business continuity. Not only was customer service not compromised, efficiency actually improved!"

Zohar Shemesh
Omnichannel Project Manager Estée Lauder Companies inc.

Transforming the Automotive industry

Reveal How Glassix powers Hertz car rental services and digital fleet management

“By using Glassix each representative can manage multiple inquiries simultaneously, enabling faster response times to the point of even eliminating wait time entirely - all without compromising on quality of service.”

Ariel Keshir
Director of data communication and information security Hertz
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