Boost Human Agent Performance with Conversational AI-Powered Suggested Replies

Conversational AI has emerged as a game changer for boosting human agent productivity. In particular, writing replies to recurring customer queries can be a time-consuming and inefficient task for human agents. A manual approach often leads to inaccuracies, poorly worded replies, and content that fails to align with the brand voice. Over time, this degrades the overall quality of the customer experience. Among the pain points that customer experience leaders continuously struggle with, the below are particularly challenging:

  1. Inaccurate or incorrect wording
    Human agents may struggle to consistently provide accurate and well-articulated responses (including proof-reading for typos). Bad grammar, spelling mistakes, and inconsistent content in agent replies risk the overall quality of customer experience.

  2. Inconsistent brand messaging
    Each agent may have their own writing style and tone, making it challenging to maintain a consistent brand voice across the customer journey. Inconsistency can impact the customer's perception of the brand - potentially eroding trust and reputation.

  3. Extended training durations for new agents
    Onboarding new agents and bringing them up to speed across a range of customer queries can be time-consuming and erode operational efficiency. Extensive training periods run the risk of delaying a new agent’s ability to close customer inquiries effectively.

Conversational AI: The Perfect Match for Suggested Replies

By incorporating Conversational AI, organizations can streamline content generation for suggested replies to save time, improve accuracy, maintain consistent brand messaging all while reducing new agent onboarding time. A conversational AI engine is a great foundation for an expert system that can assist agents in generating suggested replies in real time.

As we announced earlier this week, the Glassix Conversational AI Suite integrates the GPT-4 engine to deliver a custom AI model that is tailored to the specific  requirements and domain of any business. 

Custom AI Model Tailored to Business Needs

The Glassix Conversational AI Suite delivers the Suggested Replies module which any business can launch with zero effort. This Custom AI model refines the standard replies generated by the GPT-4 engine from OpenAI to align with the specific requirements of each business based on conversation history. This happens behind the scenes on the fly, ensuring that suggested replies are highly relevant and aligned with the unique needs and industry-specific terminology of any new business.

Standardizing Conversation Etiquette

Suggested replies powered by Conversational AI provide human agents with standardized conversation openers and polite closers. This consistency ensures that every customer interaction begins and ends on a professional note, regardless of the individual agent's writing style or experience level. Standardized conversation etiquette helps to reinforce the brand voice and maintain a professional tone throughout the customer journey.

Continuous Revisions for Improved Performance

To ensure that suggested replies remain accurate and up to date, it is essential to implement continuous revisions. As customer queries evolve, new responses are dynamically added to the Custom AI model. It's crucial to revise and refine suggested replies based on actual conversations and agent feedback (e.g. up / down voting).

Personalized Responses for a Unique 1-to-1 Experience

By integrating conversation history, businesses can personalize suggested replies to individual customers. This personalization creates a unique 1-to-1 experience for each customer, fostering stronger connections and boosting customer satisfaction.

Suggested Replies are just one important module Glassix offers as part of the Conversational AI Suite.

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