Glassix - Omnichannel at its best

Innovative and effective customer experience

Today’s customers are more up-to-date and connected than ever before. They expect you as a business, manufacturer, or service provider to allow them to reach a service representative in the most convenient and fastest way, without waiting for long on the telephone line.

The GLASSIX Omnichannel Communication system allows you to respond to customer demand and provide an innovative, efficient, effective and, most of all, immediate service experience.

Glassix shortens the waiting time for a representative

GLASSIX enables service representatives to receive and handle inquiries received through various digital channels – WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and others – through a unified interface, thus significantly streamlining the customer experience in every interaction with the organization’s representatives.

Unlike on the phone, as a result of GLASSIX’s Omnichannel Communications, a single representative can provide service to several customers at once. The system makes it possible to provide good, fast, and efficient service to more customers, entirely without increasing the number of service representatives. As such, it reduces expenses and maximizes profitability without compromising the quality of the customer service.

All connections are centralized in a unified interface

Glassix centralizes all the calls that reach each service representative in a single system interface. The representative can manage the calls and easily switch between customers while switching customer communication channels if needed without interrupting the call sequence.

Video calls and troubleshooting tutorials

GLASSIX enables the transfer of images and products of explanation and guidance between the representative and the customer while calling. For example, a customer with a problem operating an electrical product can send a picture of the device to the representative. In turn, the representative can send him a video with an explanation.

In addition to transmitting still images, the system enables a real-time video call between the representative and the customer.

Real-time management screens

GLASSIX’s management interface allows call center managers to track and monitor all activity in real-time and retrospect, review delegates’ work, and receive detailed reports on call handling times.

Give your customers another reason to love you

When your customers know they can get a representative from your organization quickly, from any platform, and without waiting on the phone – their loyalty to your brand intensifies. Glassix can help you turn a casual customer into a regular customer that won’t leave you for your competitors and will recommend you to friends. Therefore Glassix technology is an essential means to customer retention and expanding an existing customer base.

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