Design Chatbots that Work for Humans

Create no-code flows with the Glassix chatbot builder, deploy to any channel in one click, and scale your business with conversational AI.

Leave the heavy lifting to chatbot automation
Save time so your team can focus on what matters
Never miss a customer inquiry - keep your
business open for messaging 24/7

Visual Chatbot Builder

Use the visual Glassix chatbot builder to create automated flows effortlessly without ever writing a line of code.

  • Choose from our ready-to-launch chatbot flow templates.
  • Customize to your business needs.
  • Deploy to all channels in one click.

Build Low-code Flows

Build Low-code Flows

Enhance automated chatbot flows with low-code developer tools designed for non-technical business managers.

  • Create and update custom variables
  • Use conditional logic
  • Make API requests
  • Add custom code snippets

Deploy Conversational AI

Train automated chatbots to respond to prompts with conversational AI.
> Leverage dedicated conversational AI training center
> Use NLP to analyze customer requests
> Identify customer intent and entities
> Build a FAQbot generated from your knowledge base.


Real-time Chatbot Monitoring & Agent Takeover

Monitor chatbot conversations in real time and enable agent takeover to reduce abandon rate while increasing customer satisfaction and close rate. Real-time chatbot monitoring helps supervisors to identify potential issues as they unfold, and step in to route the conversation to a human agent when necessary. 

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