Contact centers are the heart of every modern business.
Nowadays' technologies offer a variety of solutions including various communication channels, smart CRM systems, advanced telephony solutions and more.
Glassix understands the importance of integrating all of the above and provides you with one platform that helps you to improve your customer experience and service in large scales.



Here at Glassix we offer a comprehensive omni-channel Platform to enable you customers to reach your contact-center from his favorite communication channel including Facebook, email, web-site chat, SMS and more..

Omni-channel is a new cross-multi-channel contact center approach that help companies to improve their customer experience and save precious time & money.
Omni-channel allows your customer to start a conversation via any desired channel and switch a channel without loosing the ticket's history & details.

Multi channel out. Omni-channel in!

Here's a short sketch of the differences:


Inbound channels

Here in Glassix, we provide our customer to reach the contact center via mail, SMS, WhatsApp, website chat, Facebook, Instagram contact forms and even redirect live incoming calls from the IVR to a mobile chat.
A customer can always review historical tickets via any channel and quickly open a new one - Glassix will automatically identify you.


Outbound channels

Glassix will also allow your contact center to actively reach your customer using multiple communication channels, allowing you to match the perfect channel for each customer and convert phone calls to digital communication.


Glassix have identified and decided to put efforts a big need we saw on site – visualization. You’ll be the envy of all your competitors allowing an online visual support via images and video - allowing you easily identify problems on-site, instructing your customers visually towards a quick solution and saving time and money by reducing tickets handling time and on-site visits using your customers' preferred communication channel.



Allow your customers to digitally fill and sign any document at any time.

  • Bidirectional data input

  • Data validations and defaults

  • Attach signature footers to existing documents

  • Touch screen signature

  • Electronic signature



You contact center will be able to draw back on the incoming visuals or send ready-made solution via image galleries, video tutorials or user-manuals. Give your customer the ability to solve his problem by himself on his free time.


Save time and money by shortening call time, visually guiding your customer & preventing unnecessary and expensive on-site visits.


Our product will enable you to see whats happening on-site via images, video, sound and even GPS location. You contact center will be able to quickly identify any problem on-site and your customer will be able to send you documents from any kind.